Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Many people choose the Rhododendron because it is a plant that needs little care. Planted under favourable conditions in airy, slightly acidic soil, the Rhododendrons will thrive. Planted in Rhododendron soil and given the right care, you will be able to enjoy this low-maintenance ornamental shrub for years to come.

There are a few handy tips for caring for your plants, which will help you to provide the Rhododendrons with optimal living conditions.

Water it from above?

If the Rhododendrons are planted in the right way, they will require little attention.

Only in extremely dry periods do we recommend watering your Rhododendrons from below using a drip hose.

The drip hose is easily connected to your tap. Therefore, you do not need any complicated watering systems.

Does our Rhododendron need fertilising?

Sometimes it is better to fertilise the Rhododendrons. This can sometimes happen after a long period of rain when the nutrients are flushed out of the soil, as it were. Fertilising is best started in spring. The special Rhododendron fertiliser has a ratio of 20 - 10 - 15 + 3. This Rhododendron fertilizer is packed in handy buckets and exclusively available at our Rhododendron Centre. Drop by or contact us and we will advise you on the quantities required.

our Rhododendron has yellow leaves

At the beginning of September your Rhododendron may develop yellow leaves. You will often see this first on the underside of the leaves and under the new shoots. Yellow leaves are a natural phenomenon that may occur because your Rhododendron has had too little water. However, we see this phenomenon the most after a long wet period.

The Rhododendrons get yellow leaves when the necessary fertilizers are siphoned off.
Fertilising the Rhododendrons with a special Rhododendron fertiliser, which is effective all year round, will result in beautiful, healthy Rhododendrons again. Please contact us for more information or to order this special Rhododendron fertiliser.

Removing flowers

Rhododendrons are very strong plants that produce beautiful flowers every spring. If the Rhododendron is too dark, it will form few or no flower buds. If the Rhododendron has enough light fertiliser and sufficient water, it will develop enough flower buds. If you remove the spent flowers just after flowering, an even better bud formation can occur. In spring, the Rhododendron will treat you to a beautiful sea of flowers. Do you need more adives? Call 0318 616633.

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