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About us

About us Rhodendronhagen

Rhododendroncentrum De Valouwe

50 years of craftsmanship

In the 1970s, the current Rhododendron Center De Valouwe started as a Rhododendron and Azalea nursery. The name Valouwe was obtained because the activities took place on the De Valouwe estate in Ede. At the beginning of 2000 we moved to the Roekelseweg in Wekerom and, in addition to the sale and advice on the many types of Rhododendrons, we have specialized in the construction of Rhododendron hedges.

Rhododendron hedges, clouds and bouquets

What can I do with Rhododendrons

Because we as Valouwe know the properties of a Rhododendron through and through, we have specialized in the construction of Rhododendron hedges, Rhododendron clouds and Rhododendron Border Bouquets. We only do one thing in your garden and only take care of the Rhododendron part.

Together with you, your landscape gardener and/or architect, we come to the most beautiful solutions.